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Nikolaos Georgantas

Research Scientist + 33 (0)1 80 49 41 68 nikolaos . georgantas @ inria . fr


Inria Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, CS 42112, 75589 Paris Cedex 12, France

Brief bio

I am research scientist at Inria, in the research center of Inria Paris, and am leading the MiMove team. I was before with the ARLES team, predecessor of MiMove. Before joining Inria, I received an engineering degree and a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. I was co-founder of Ambientic, a spin-off based on ARLES’ research that developed mobile collaborative applications.

Research interests and current research

My research relates to software engineering for distributed systems, middleware, mobile computing, service-oriented computing, and self-adaptive systems. I currently work on:

  • Interoperability and QoS analysis inside service & Thing choreographies running on top of diverse communication middleware protocols;
  • Interoperability between online social network services.

We study the automated synthesis of choreographies for the Future Internet including the IoT; this is in the context of the H2020 CHOReVOLUTION project. Choreographies are composed of heterogeneous services but also Things as first-class entities. The CHOReVOLUTION development & runtime platform offers automated support to system developers along the entire lifecycle of such choreographies. This greatly facilitates the developers’ task when dealing with the complex and error-prone composition of heterogeneous choreographies and their runtime adaptation to dynamic changes.

In particular, we provide a solution to the integration of services and Things that employ heterogeneous communication middleware protocols. We introduce communication abstractions that enable the modeling of most existing and possibly future middleware protocols. Based on these models, we propose a systematic method for building interoperability artifacts, which can thus be automatized. Our solution results in the eVolution Service Bus (VSB), a flexible and lightweight protocol bus. Besides enabling functional interoperability, our approach introduces models and analyses for evaluating the end-to-end QoS of heterogeneous choreography interactions, especially in mobile environments with intermittent connectivity. For a complete view of our solution, check the recent PhD thesis by Georgios Bouloukakis. Our next step is to enable runtime adaptation of choreographies to dynamic QoS changes.

Our longstanding research in heterogeneous system composition have further led us to investigate this issue in the social interactions domain. The boom in the use of online social network services (OSNSs) have led to a multitude of them in use, creating mostly isolated social worlds. Interconnecting OSNSs raises new challenges in the social sphere besides the ever existing system interoperability issue. We have developed the Universal Social Network Bus (USNB), a solution to unobtrusive social interaction across heterogeneous social networks. Check our latest – best paper award – paper at IEEE ICIC 2017.

For more about my research activities check in the MiMove pages. For my older research activities you may check in the ARLES pages.

Some recent activities


For my publications you may check at Google ScholarDBLP or the list below (HAL-Inria).