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Past Grants


Inria ADT-SED I3@Inria

Addressing the Interoperability Challenge of the I3 IoT Integrator – I3@Inria takes place in the context of the I3 consortium, which aims to create a framework that facilitates the testing, deployment and operation of community-driven IoT networks. I3@Inria specifically leverages and enriches MiMove’s research on overcoming the interoperability challenges of the IoT within the I3 framework.…

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Inria ADT SocialBus

Contributing to the development of a Universal Social Network Bus – There exists a plethora of social interaction services enabling computer-mediated social communication (e.g., Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack, etc.). Based on personal preferences, users may prefer a social interaction services rather than another. As a result, users sharing same interests may not…

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Comcast Gift

Application Performance Bottleneck Detection – Comcast Gift to R. Teixeira, 2018.

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Google Faculty Award

Monitoring and diagnosis of Internet QoE – Google Faculty Award to R. Teixeira (Inria) and D. Choffnes (Northeastern University), 2017.

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Inria Associate Team HOMENET

Home network diagnosis and security – The goal of HOMENET is to assist users in diagnosing and securing their home networks. The undertaken approach is based on developing new algorithms and mechanisms that will run on the home router (or in-collaboration with the router). HOMENET addresses a number of research challenges for example in device…

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A mobile platform to measure the quality of Internet connectivity – The ADT MOSQUITO is part of the IPL BetterNet (see above). The ADT project focuses on the design and the development of a measurement platform for the quality of mobile Internet access by federating the existing mobile platforms identified in the BetterNet IPL. Beyond…

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ANR – BottleNet

Understanding and diagnosing end-to-end communication bottlenecks of the Internet – Bottlenet targets solutions that can be installed on users’ devices (computers, tablets, phones, boxes or TVs) to capture users’ perception in addition to the QoS measurements, in order to infer personalized models of their quality of experience. Beyond these measurements, Bottlenet intends to offer users…

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Inria IPL BetterNet

An observatory to measure and improve Internet service access – BetterNet aims at building and delivering a scientific and technical collaborative observatory to measure and improve the Internet service access as perceived by users. BetterNet investigates new original user-centered measurement methods, which will associate social sciences to better understand Internet usage and the quality of…

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Inria Associate Team ACHOR

Adaptive enactment of service choreographies – The overall goal of ACHOR is to design an architecture for adaptive middleware to support service choreographies in large-scale scenarios that involve dynamicity and diversity in terms of application requirements, service interaction protocols, and the use of shared local, mobile and cloud resources. [Partners: Universidade Federal de Goias (Brazil) –…

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EIT Digital CivicBudget

Software platform for Internet-based participatory budgeting – Many cities in Europe and the U.S.A, and around the world, commit a percentage of their annual budget (often 5%) to implement citizen-proposed projects through a process called Participatory Budgeting (PB). However, supporting urban-scale participatory budgeting campaigns is greatly challenged as it still principally relies on physical meetings.…

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EIT Digital Env&You

Personalizing environmental science – There is a clear, and probably increasing, desire from the citizens to better know their individual exposure to pollution. Partial solutions exist to the exposure data problem but each focuses on one or another domain of information – crowdsourcing exposure, translating government open data to usable consumer information, harnessing social media…

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Federated Interoperable Semantic IoT/cloud Testbeds – Despite the proliferation of IoT and smart cities testbeds, there is still no easy way to conduct large scale experiments that leverage data and resources from multiple geographically and administratively distributed IoT platforms. FIESTA aims at producing a first-of-a-kind blueprint experimental infrastructure (tools, techniques and best practices) enabling testbed…

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