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Automated Synthesis of Choreographies – It is the CHOReVOLUTION vision that enabling the choreography of services shall play a significant role in the provisioning of innovative applications in the Future Internet (FI). CHOReVOLUTION then elevates the Readiness Level of existing choreography technologies in order to drop the dynamism and cross-organization security barriers via the automated…

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Inria IPL CityLab@Inria

Overcoming the Smart City Challenge – CityLab@Inria studies ICT solutions toward smart cities that promote both social and environmental sustainability. A strong emphasis of the Lab is on the undertaking of a multi-disciplinary research program through the integration of relevant scientific and technology studies, from sensing up to analytics and advanced applications, so as to…

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Inria International Lab Inria@SiliconValley

Valérie Issarny acted as scientific coordinator of the Inria@Silicon Valley program from 08/2013 to 08/2018. She was visiting scholar at the EECS Department of University of California, Berkeley and hosted by CITRIS (a University of California research center focused on creating IT solutions that generate social and economic benefits for everyone). [More info here]

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