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Welcome to MiMove Inria Team

MiMove's research has a strong focus on mobile distributed systems and supporting middleware, with special interest in the aspects of emergence and evolution, very-large-scale mobile sensing, and mobile social crowd-sensing. Our research results can have an impact on various application domains; we focus in particular on the application area of smart cities, due to its growing social, economic and technological interest. MiMove is the successor of the Inria project-team ARLES.

MUSE Inria team has recently joined MiMove. The new MiMove team takes a both system/network-driven and data-driven approach to deal with:
  • - heterogeneity and dynamicity of mobile systems
  • - user QoE-driven diagnosis and optimization of networks and systems
  • - human-centric crowd-sensing of world phenomena
  • - analysis and privacy aspects of Web/social media & crowd-sensed data streams
We will accordingly update soon our pages! For the moment, you can also check here.

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