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Universal Social Network Bus – Online social network services (OSNSs) have become an integral part of our daily lives. At the same time, the aggressive market competition has led to the emergence of multiple competing siloed OSNSs that cannot interoperate. As a consequence, people face the burden of creating and managing multiple OSNS accounts and…

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Collaborative opportunistic mobile crowdsensing – Our work aims to raise opportunistic mobile crowdsensing to a reliable means of observing phenomena, focusing on urban environmental monitoring. To this end, we have developed a set of protocols that together support ”context-aware collaborative mobile crowdsensing at the edge”: (i) CalibrateNoiseTogether implements multi-hop, multi- party calibration; (ii) ContextSense infers…

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Full-Stack Network Analytics – NetMicroscope accurately infers video streaming quality metrics in real time, such as startup delay or video resolution, by using just a handful of features extracted from passive traffic measurement. Network Microscope passively collects a corpus of network features about the traffic flows of interest in the network and directs those to…

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Service Traceroute

Service Traceroute is a tool that allows the discovery of individual application flows paths. Service Traceroute leverages the ideas from paratrace, Sidecar, and 0trace, to passively listen to application traffic to then issue traceroute probes that pretend to be part of the application flow. Service Traceroute extends this idea to work for modern Internet services…

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Data eXchange Mediator Synthesizer – To deal with the high technology diversity of the IoT solutions landscape, we have introduced a systematic solution to the IoT interoperability problem at the middleware layer. We identify common interaction abstractions across the multitude of existing heterogeneous IoT protocols and model them into the DeX (Data eXchange) API &…

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