ANR – BottleNet

Understanding and diagnosing end-to-end communication bottlenecks of the Internet – Bottlenet targets solutions that can be installed on users’ devices (computers, tablets, phones, boxes or TVs) to capture users’ perception in addition to the QoS measurements, in order to infer personalized models of their quality of experience. Beyond these measurements, Bottlenet intends to offer users a diagnostic service for their Internet connection based on the large-scale correlation of a multitude of measurements taken under different conditions in order to locate the source of a poor quality of experience. MiMove contribution focuses on an application-agnostic approach to QoE evaluation, where QoE is inferred only from information available from the observation of application traffic. [Consortium: Inria SAM & Paris, LORIA, Orange, Télécom Sud Paris, U. Lille 1] [2016–21] [More info here]