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VSB: eVolution Service Bus for the Future Internet


VSB is a development and runtime environment dedicated to complex distributed applications of the Future Internet. Such applications are open, dynamic choreographies of extremely heterogeneous services and Things. VSB’s objective is to seamlessly interconnect, inside choreographies, services and Things that employ heterogeneous interaction protocols at the middleware level, e.g., SOAP Web services, REST Web services, Things using CoAP. VSB presents a significant rethinking of the architecture and the implementation of a service bus destined to serve dynamic choreographies of services but also Things as first-class entities. VSB presents the following advancements: VSB is a unified interoperability solution for both services and Things; VSB is flexible, lightweight and fast; VSB provides support for the client-server, publish/subscribe, tuple space and data streaming interaction paradigms; Different protocols can be introduced as VSB’s common bus protocol with the same easiness as for integrating support for a new middleware protocol of a service/Thing; The synthesis of VSB’s interoperability artifacts follows a systematic method allowing for its automation; VSB includes models, analyses and tools for end-to-end QoS in heterogeneous choreography interactions.


VSB is being developed within the H2020 CHOReVOLUTION project. It is also based on the previous development of the XSB bus carried out in the FP7 CHOReOS project.