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Cristhian Parra

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Inria de Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff, CS 42112, 75589 Paris Cédex 12


I am passionate about science and technology, in particular about the kind that has a positive direct impact in improving people’s well-being and their opportunities of participation in society. I like to research, design and implement experiences that bring people together, fostering social interactions and facilitating participation within the community. I see technology as a tool that can support these experiences, but I believe people must be at the center of our design processes, having always a careful attention upon their expectations and their particular ways of appropriating and using technology, which are not always the ones we foresee at the beginning of our work. Constant change is a part of the process, and when working to design solutions for people, I think we must consider with high regard their own opinions and views about it. To sum up the principles that drive me in my works, I like the way the internet has somehow paraphrased the words of Carl Jung: “You can learn out all the theories, master all the techniques, but when you touch a human soul, you have to be just another human soul”.

I am an Informatics Engineer with a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies. More recently, I have been focusing my work in the multidisciplinary realm of Social-Community Informatics and Human Computer Interactions, using Participatory Design and Participatory Action Research as my principal approaches to the work in these fields.

In my years of professional research and work, I have had experience working with research papers for sale with guarantee, including mainly the following: User experience and HCI research, qualitative research methods, participatory design, participatory action research, web engineering, service oriented computing (particularly RESTful based service platforms), data and knowledge management, mobile applications design and implementation.


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