Environmental awareness for all – Members of MiMove are co-founders of the Ambiciti start-up together with the Inria team CLIME/ANGE, and the NUMTECH and The Civic Engine SMEs. Ambiciti was created beginning 2017, leveraging MiMove’s research on middleware solutions for mobile crowdsensing. Ambiciti’s technology is a single platform delivering real-time data on street-by-street exposure and risks on multiple environmental pollutants. The platform’s technology leverages open data along with cloud, IoT, mobile and data analytics technologies. Ambiciti collects real-time, street-by-street pollution data and provides urban citizens with a means to personalize their decisions with regard to environmental hazards. The aim is to enable citizens to make more informed choices about their activities, personal behavior and location, and to protect their own health. Ambiciti also supplies businesses with crucial data that allows to better inform consumers and to increase the valuation of services (e.g., real estate). Eventually, Ambiciti supports governments in protecting citizens’ health and in growing cities more sustainably in providing the necessary urban pollution data. Key elements of the Ambiciti platform include the Ambiciti mobile app that leverages mobile phone sensing middleware solutions to monitor the individual and collective exposure of citizens to environmental pollutions in a resource-efficient way. The first version of the Ambiciti App (previously SoundCity, when focused on noise pollution monitoring) deals with noise and air pollution. Inria and the Paris city council were awarded the 2016 Décibel d’Argent prize for the App. The Ambiciti technology was developed in the context of CityLab@Inria and Inria@SiliconValley, together with the support of the EIT Digital Env&You activity.