The eXtensible Service Bus (XSB) is a development and runtime environment dedicated to complex distributed applications. In the Future Internet (FI) such applications will be based, to a large extent, on the open integration of extremely heterogeneous systems, such as lightweight embedded systems (e.g., sensors, actuators and networks of them), mobile systems (e.g., smartphone applications), and resource-rich IT systems (e.g., systems hosted on enterprise servers and Cloud infrastructures).

Such heterogeneous systems are supported by enabling middleware platforms, particularly for their interaction. With regard to middleware-supported interaction, the client-service (CS), publish-subscribe (PS), and tuple space (TS) paradigms are among the most widely employed ones, with numerous related middleware platforms, such as: Web Services, Java RMI for client-server; JMS, SIENA for publish-subscribe; and JavaSpaces, LIME for Tuple space.

XSB provides support for the seamless integration of heterogeneous interaction paradigms (CS, PS and TS).


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