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Talk by Vassilis Christophides at IRT SystemX

Vassilis Christophides was an invited speaker at IRT SystemX on April 14, 2019.

His talk was titled : “Detecting Outliers in IoT Data Streams” 


IoT-based systems typically collect data continuously produced by a large number of devices (aka ìthingsî) and analyze them in (sub-)seconds in order to act promptly in different contexts (personal healthcare, cyber-physical security, industrial plant monitoring, etc.). A critical aspect for gaining insights from IoT data is to control their quality, i.e., check whether data exhibit various forms of impurities as for example outliers. An outlier data point maybe the outcome of an error in the data collection or sensing process (e.g., due to a problem with measuring device or the presence of noise) or of a change in the data generation process per se (e.g., unobserved data patterns, events).