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EIT Digital Env&You

Personalizing environmental science for your home, your neighborhood and your life.

  • Period: [January 2016 – December 2017]
  • Partners: Ambientic (F), CapDigital (F), Forum Virium Helsinki (FI), Inria CLIME, Inria MIMOVE [coordinator], NumTech (F), TheCivicEngine (USA).
There is a clear, and probably increasing, desire from the citizens to better know their individual exposure to pollution. Partial solutions exist to the exposure data problem but each focuses on one or another domain of information – crowdsourcing exposure, translating government open data to usable consumer information, harnessing social media information, harnessing biometrics – what is unique about Env&You is that we assimilate a multi-dimensional picture of exposure and provide the integrated information to citizen, government, and business use (spanning: B2G, B2B and B2C business cases).