Visits, internships

1-4 July 2019 | Meeting at Inria Paris

Georgios Bouloukakis visited Inria Paris in July 2019 to work on the automated placement of interoperability artifacts of the MINES middleware.

24-28 June 2019 | Meeting at UC Irvine

Valérie Issarny visited UC Irvine in June 2019 to work on the multi-sensor calibration planning of the MINES middleware.

10-14 December 2018 | Meeting at the Middleware conference

Most of the team members attended the middleware conference (10-14 December 2018) and thus took the opportunity to gather and work on the MINES themes.

9-18 June 2018 | Meeting at Inria@SiliconValley @ UC Berkeley

Georgios Bouloukakis visited Valérie Issarny at UC Berkeley in June 2018 to work on middleware solutions supporting data exchange in emergency scenarios, which leverage the IoT and mobile nodes.

2-7 March 2018 | Meeting at UC Irvine

Valérie Issarny visited UC Irvine in March 2018 to work on the data prioritization mechanism of the MINES middleware; she then visited the team in end June 2018 to pursue the work on the middleware solutions for the exchange of IoT data in emergency scenario.

1 Feb. 2018 - 1 Feb. 2019 | New position

Georgios Bouloukakis is a Postdoctoral researcher at the DSM group of UCI. His position was funded by the Inria@SiliconValley program for one year. Georgios leads the​ ​effort​ ​on​ ​enabling​ ​stochastic​ ​models​ ​and​ ​related​ ​QoS​ ​analysis in the MINES middleware.